Sebastiao Ribeiro Photography is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and focus on Sebastiao Boanerges Ribeiro work on photography. Sebastiao has been involved in photography since the college, always as a hobby and a passion.

After a hiatus of some years during the technology change from film to digital, I started again with photography testing and gradually involving into the new technics. The new beginning started with photos made on scarce free time during some business trip around the world.

After starting to use photo sharing sites (500px, NatGeo Your Shot, Instagram) and with the smartphone camera improvements the old desire to look the world from the camera objective reborn, and make photos turn into a daily routine. And, with the acquisition of my first camera DSLR Nikon the hobby turns into a serious activity, although it is not yet a profession.

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If you want to buy or license some of my photos here please look on the 500px Marketplace or Shutterstock on the links below.